Problems in India?

India may be doing well economically. But, what’s happening to the social structure?

  1. Trouble in parts of Maharashtra.
  2. MLAs trashing the WB assembly.
  3. Union Minsister convicted of murder.

Where are we headed?

Welcome to the all-new Parallel Spirals

I deleted all the previous posts since they’re basically not the best of my writing. I will remain offline till 2nd December, 2006. But, you will see on the timestamp that the date is: 25-11-2006. This is thanks to’s timestamp edit feature.

I plan to limit myself seriously in this all-new blog. This is an attempt to make blogging a more productive experience. Feedback and comments are always welcome.

Dark Energy

I first posted this on my space blog at I recovered the post using the Wayback Machine here.

NASA had a big press release on dark energy. If you’re new to the concept of dark energy or have only heard about it and don’t know what it exactly is (like me), go to this wikipedia article for starters.  For those of you guys who understand high-tech space language, go here. Er, you guys can read the comments too.

Phil Plait over at Bad Astronomy assures us that the language in the press release is more people-friendly.

[via Bad Astronomy]

Stories Worth Following

The CS Monitor‘s report on India stepping up ties with Africa, in the face of China doing the same. Don’t understand why they do this. The national interests of India and China can’t be the same. If Africa benefits, good for them. If India benefits, good for us. But, if India is going in just to compete with China, it’s bad strategy.
MS to reconsider it’s China Policy from BBC News.

Rice traders and environmentalists have warned the Government of India against experimenting further with genetically modified crops .No news report in CNN-IBN. Have to check their website though…

GoodNewsIndia has several good articles related to agriculture practises and re-invigorating ancient water pools – at a time when it is being said that wars will be fought over water.

Last but not the least…India’s mission to the moon…oh! did I say India’s manned mission to the moon?

Glad to be here…

I probably won’t be blogging for the next couple of days…have to make some arrangements vis-a-vis my studies…exams getting closer…winds getting colder…brrr…and no @#$%^& announcemnt from MU….hmmph…

Hindustan Times has introduced a practise of providing the email ids of people writing the stories – the reporters – this is a wonderful concept and I hope other newspapers follow the example…