What makes you special?

Read that on the cover of my new IBM notebook, which I plan to use starting September 26.

Getting off Twitter

Since June I’ve been reviewing my usage of the Internet and it’s
impact on my offline life. I’ve been collecting raw numbers. In the
past week I crunched the data.

I spend nearly Rs. 300 per week on accessing the Net. Most of this is
used on Twitter and Gmail. I saw that I was spending 6 hrs/day despite
reducing my usage on Twitter. Doing it less often is an option but I
generally miss out on the fun. I specifically took a higher cost Net
connection to force me to use it less.

Even if I can absorb the cost I spend the time I spend here was coming
from time alloted for reading, listening to songs, working on
projects, thinking new project ideas etc.

I’ll keep my friendfeed a/c up and update all the various services. I
think I’ll be more useful that way.

Where does Mumbai get its water from?

I’m in the middle of various changes in lifestyle which I’m trying to
make consciously. Today, I thought I needed a good dock to start out
from and could think of no better place than Mumbai. I’m now out
asking the question: Where does Mumbai get its water from?

Over the next few days when I get the time, I will re visit this topic
here. I will try and document this journey as much as possible.

I see this as possibly a first step in answering the question of
rethinking the way mega cities and at the micro level consume water so
that we can get water conservation measures out of the clean the
beaches and close the tap mode.