Foursquare Day 2011

I headed for the celebrations of foursquare day after lunch at Copper Chimney. This is my second time at foursquare day celebrations. I’ve written about the first one here where I have also explained why April 16 is celebrated as foursquare day.

The 2011 edition of foursquare day was organised by Dhawal and Kaushal. I had only seen Kaushal’s note on the itinerary of events prior to getting there. I reached at Planetarium and spotted Kaushal at the in-the-back cafeteria thanks to his 4sq day tshirt. Here, the 3pm show which we hoped to catch was houseful and so were all the shows for the day! We went down to the Nehru Center and hung around for about half an hour before heading for the Race Course at Mahalaxmi.

I had intended to visit the Farmer’s Market here last week but didn’t get around to it. Seeing that the foursquare event would be here as well, I was happy to do both yesterday. The Race Course is trying to open up itself and be more accessible to ordinary Mumbaikars. It was a part of this that they were organising a Farmer’s Market inside the Race Course and also hosting us 4sqers. Part of the deal was that we got Rs. 100 worth of betting coupons. After explaining the importance of the three stands and showing us the paddock, we went and had a fun time betting. I even won Rs. 500/- betting!

At the Farmer’s Market, I was at Thanal’s stall from where I signed the petition against genetically modified crops and also bought a DVD of Ajay Kanchan’s work called Poison on the Platter. I also visited the stall of the fair trade t-shirt maker No Nasties (recently partnered Shop for Change). I also bought a bottle of Mulshi Springs organic water for about Rs. 50/-. Satish and I discussed about the “organic” tag which seems to inflate the prices of ordinary things. Why does the cost increase when anything goes organic? I haven’t heard a good explanation for this although I do support the principle behind the movement.

We had dinner at Noorani’s and went to Bandra for the foursquare party at Mumbai Times Cafe. A round of games and meeting up new people later, we returned home.

It was a great half-a-day event which revived my foursquaring (which had changed a lot since I had last been there a year ago). The use of the application has also improved with people being more mature about where they use it and check-in and with improved apps now available to make life easier for its users. It was also a great opportunity to meet new people and reconnect with many others. We did not have the philosophical discussions we had last year about the future of location based social networking but we had fun!