Weekly Notes 07/2023


I am part of a Long-form Writing Cohort-3 (LfW-C3). We are a group of people interested and encouraging each other to write long form. The group organises something called RozWrite (daily writing) at 10 pm each night. We keep the video on and the audio on mute and write together.

I wrote about the Star Party that I attended with my daughter on Monday. I wrote about the cycle I bought on Tuesday. I wrote my newsletter on Wednesday and a little on Thursday outside of RozWrite hour. I missed attending the RozWrites on Thursday and Friday.


My wife and I got back to watching Malayalam films on OTT this week. We watched:

  • Aanandam Paranandam (Malayalam)
  • Shefeekkinte Santhosham (Malayalam)
  • Ennalum Ente Aliya (Malayalam)
  • Mallikapuram (Malayalam)

I’ve updated the OTT list.


I drove two stretches of cycling on Sunday (when I purchased the bicycle) and then again on Wednesday. I drove 11.7 km on Sunday and 10.2 km on Wednesday. I only plan to drive Pachu two days a week to begin with.


Re-discovered the song again on YouTube, especially the melody at the 2:44 min mark.

Raj Shamani has an interesting podcast with Sahil Bloom on how he got to meet Apple CEO Tim Cook and some very interesting relationship advice.

I enjoyed watching the trailer of the Malayalam movie, Romancham.

Weekly Notes 06/2023


I travelled with three colleagues to Kakinada on a business trip. We went there on February 5 and returned on February 9.

I clicked the above pics from my phone at Hyderabad. One is a picture of the city when we were flying from Hyderabad to Pune. The other two are the aircrafts that flew us from Rajahmundry to Hyderabad (ATR-72) and from Hyderabad to Pune (Airbus A320). Most of this week was spent at the base.

I missed writing the post for Week 5 of 2023 as I was finishing work in preparation for this trip.


Pradeep’s Space Newsletter has been on hiatus for a long time. It comes back online this week for the second edition. This time, I am working to add more context to the stories and will be more picky in the number of stories that I will cover. But, I need someplace to dump the rest of the stories that I follow to write the newsletter. That may probably land on this blog or it may go into Roam Research.


I have reduced my consumption of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I hang around Mastodon much more but have not been posting there. But, it has increased my consumption of YouTube. After watching this video (covered in Weekly Notes 2), I had hoped to blog more here but it seems to be endless stretch of these Weekly Notes.

I’ve been doing a deep dive of the FreeFinCal’s YouTube channel. I had followed his blog way back in 2015 but stopped following him thinking him to be very conservative in his style of investing. He makes much more sense to me now. I got back to him after watching this interview on Labour Law Advisor’s YouTube channel.

I also enjoyed Ali Abdaal’s two Deep Dive interviews with Cal Newport and Ryder Caroll discussing Slow Productivity and the Bullet Journal Method respectively.

I enjoy listening to Saurabh Mukherjea talk. He has an interesting basis for his investment thesis that he outlines in this talk. He says that India is networking and linking up as the United States did and as it happened in the United States in the 1880-1930’s, so it will happen in India that as India networks, it would lead to creation of monopolies.

Draft Posts

There are two blog posts in my drafts column. One is on analog and digital note-taking. The other is on the Star Party that I went to on January 28. I have no idea when I will be able to publish them.

Weekly Notes 03/2023


The OTT list that I promised last week is still pending.

Personal Health

The throat infection has dragged on. I am back on anti-infectives. This has affected my output this week as well.

Tinkle 10 year digital subscription

I took a 10 year digital subscription to Tinkle. I want to try and read this together with Kid 1.

Bullet Journal

I liked Hiran’s adaptation of the BuJo that he mentioned in his newsletter. I am now trying it out.

Weekly Notes 02/2023

I have been reading Thejesh’s Weekly Notes for more than a month now. I think this would be a nice way to round-off my non-work stuff.

Bullet Journal

I have kept a bullet journal since 2017. I have followed the dotted grid journal since I started. I bought three dotted grid journals last year but was disappointed by the quality of the dots. Some were too bright. Some were too light. I decided to switch to a square grid journal. I am enjoying journaling in this journal.

An image of the dotted grid journal page.
A square grid journal

The square grid also helps with my eyesight.


Kid 2 has been keeping me busy. This week I wasn’t able to support my wife with night time child care as I had a throat infection which led to a case of cough. This also kept me away from work for the first three days of the week. I was mostly sleeping.


This section may not survive long. When I stop tweeting, I get emails from Twitter which point me to a few interesting tweets. Over the weeks, the emails have become much better at pointing out what tweet I might read. So, I mostly read those tweets only.


I have moved from watching the more popular YouTubers to watching an interesting second-tier of creators whose videos I like to watch. These include My First Million, Paul Millerd, Chalchitra Talks (and their sister channel Kitaabi Cabins), Matt Ragland, Jared Henderson, struthless and Money Malayalam.

Two videos that I enjoyed watching this week:


I watched a bunch of stuff on OTT which I have still not compiled here. I will put them together in a different post and link to it here in the future. I will remind you about it next week, in case you forget.