Where I want to spend the rest of my life?

Note: I wrote this on my earlier blog hosted as http://parallelspirals.blogspot.com/. I recovered the text from the WayBack Machine. This post appeared on Ocober 12, 2006 as per the timestamp. I’m trying to collect here again all my old writings spread on various blogs.

I had great ambitions for my life.But, I seem to have lost it. My interest has not vaned but certain experiences have helped me to reach this conclusion.My ambition would just be a waste of my energy. I can conserve that energy and put it back to something more useful.

I want to go to some place.A place where people are not out to take the world by storm. Or maybe a country that has still not discovered the idea of taking over the world. I am not saying India is all of this but her people lack the amount of time spent on recreation and family. They all seem to be increasingly hardworking. Then, why not go to an Indian village? Things from the city will soon reach there too. I want to go to a place where civilisation of the MNCs, 12-24 hour work load, tension when not doing the work and studying thoroughout vaccations have not caught up yet.

As the people working here go to foriegn lands and work even harder, the natives there will see that they are losing their edge to the Indians and begin working harder. This will lead to a sort of world that I would not want to live in. A far away peaceful country like Norway, Sweden, New Zealand or some island in the Pacific will suit my purposes. I do not want money.I just want peace and quiet.

The people of today know only that the more you squeeze an orange, more juice will come out. But, if you don’t take care of the orange tree, there won’t be any juice there in the first place. All it takes is for one generation of Indians to say “NO” to this way of life and it will all change. But, the present generation of Indians have still not been pushed to the limits. Not yet.And yet, because of the infusion of youth, the older employees have to work harder to get their work done. The cycle will continue until somone can break it.

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