Seeing Experiment

Before reading the whole post, look at the theme header image and tell me what your first instantaneous reaction was. Done? Now read on.

Shirin started this off. She wrote a post about seeing and believing and that got me thinking of doing a seeing experiment myself. The two are not connected. I asked two people to look at the theme of this blog and for their immediate reactions. Both said along the lines of:


Three guys and three girls, just for balancing out gender probabilities. Just 1 because I don’t have the cash to carry out a world wide survey. I compared what they said with what was my first reaction to this theme.

I don’t know if they brooded over it and looked properly. But, I looked at it for about 5 seconds and this what I thought:

“Battle field…Deserted battlefield”

Why? Because I didn’t have time to take a look at it properly, I thought the clouds was smoke. The snow suggested winter. Winter is generally associated with death. That’s all I thought and what I said was: “Battlefield…Deserted battlefield”.

I meant a just abandoned battlefield. Somewhere, where a battle has just taken place. Odd.

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