Recent Going Ons

Between researching for SEDSAT 2 and learning for my exams, writing was a bit of pain for me. I’ve read about 15 technical papers over the past days. Half of it like greek and latin for me. But, I did understand some stuff. I found the University of Arizona documentation to be one of the best satellite documentation. Hopefully we can top that with the SEDSAT 2 project.

Lot’s going in the world of space science. I just haven’t kept up with all the stuff in my aggregator which says: Google Reader (100+), which basically means I have more than 100 posts to read. Thankfully, it doesn’t show specifics. I might faint looking at something like: Google Reader (1067). Hope all are fine. I read the Space Culture post about the book: “Sex in Space”. Might not actually get around to reading that book, though.

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