I have not been too well to blog. I was also working towards my last exam this semester. Life’s getting pretty lethargic.But, I read these words by JK on what should be the role of a teacher:

“Surely, when the teacher regards each student as a unique individual and therefore not to be compared with any other, he is then not concerned with system or method. His sole concern is with ‘helping’ the student to understand the conditioning influences about him and within himself, so that he can face intelligently, without fear, the complex process of living and not add more problems to the already existing mess.”

When you read works by JK, one of your first instincts is: “Easier said than done.” Well, but if you look deep enough, then what we’re doing is actually delaying the final outcome of a process.

A very simple example. You live in a place where the river’s water level is rising. What do you do? You build a wall around your house. As the level of the water rises, you raise the level of the wall. At some point, you reach a limit and you can no longer raise the level of the wall. What do you do then? Move.

That was a philosophical example, if you understand what I mean. This is what we are tend to be doing. Just a word of advice, if you plan to read books on philosophy or personal opinion of people, please make sure that you do not read books seperated by a lot of time. People have written these books and experience changes many of the things they may have stated while they were younger.

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