You know when you’re stressed when

Want proof that I can’t blog? Here it is. Found this in the local paper. Felt emailing it would be a waste of email, so decided to post it here for all to see (is anyone seeing?).

You Know You’re a victim of exam stress when:

  1. Random Shah Rukh Khan movies begin to look like top-class entertainment.
  2. Your favourite pastime is tearing up sheets of paper
  3. Your daily vocabulary is reduced to: crap, damn, hell, bloddy, goddamn.
  4. You shoot stapler pins all over the room just to see how far they go.
  5. You sit blankly at your table, staring at the same sheet of paper for half an hour.
  6. Your diet consists of 3 Cs: coffee, choclate and Crocin
  7. You pray for floods, heat strokes, strikes of teachers and the death of G. W. Bush; so that exams are postponed or cancelled.
  8. You read the “love messages” on the bottom panel of MTV to de-stress
  9. You do chapters that aren’t in the syllabus
  10. You find yourself incredibly fantasising about Goa and Lonavla
  11. Approximately four times a day, you feel like running away from home and selling coconuts in Kerala

By Mudra Mehta of NM College, as published in JAM. Go there for more fun articles.

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