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It’s been wonderful to read blogs from different countries from across the globe. Some, over at WordPress.com (which hosts this blog) and some through other blogs. They all talk about the wonderful stuff that they can achieve using computers today.

But, the sad fact is that the computer is least of the worry for atleast 20% (as a very minimum estimate) and 50% (as a very maximum estimate) of the population. These people can’t catch up with the speed of today’s technology train. They have to worry about things like food, water, shelter and clothing. Things, which the other half of the world does not even need to think about.

That’s why I appreciate this post by Robert Scoble. It’s not only that some people are not ready to leave analog TV. In some places, people can’t afford either HDTV or flat-screens. Here, in India, there’s a TV at almost every home – slum, apartment or bunglow. But, that’s because of cable TV. The revolution happening right now is DTH (direct-to-home TV). The local Government telephone provider, MTNL, is also thinking of introducing IPTV here.

But even then, you can’t beat the pricing of an analog TV.

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