Communicating Science and what not…I’m sick

Two posts have made me write this. This one and this one.

The first one deals with science writing. Communicating science to people. The second one deals with, well in a tangent sort of way the old rivalry between science and religion.

On the first point, there is one site which you shout visit, The Institute for Figuring. The first post deals with the fact – how do you cover science or rather how do you communicate science? Do you do it with a beautiful girl of 21 wearing a bikini saying,”The effect that you had when you saw me was similar to the impact of a nuclear bomb”, which makes you want nuclear bombs fall or do you do it with a much more official way. The Director of the Institute explaining how the neutrons are bombarded into the nucleus etc. and all the rest of it in style.

My friend once said to me he believed that the Indian epics were way to communicate science. I would add to it by saying, it was also the way to communicate some common sense. Some of the descriptions actually tell you of the development of science in India. Quotes like – “I will beat you just as surely as the sun rises in the east”. It’s a cool way to tell the kid that the sun rises in the east. Try telling that to him more directly and he would say, “What the hell for?” More on this when I’m feeling better.

The second one….just read both.

I’m sick right now. I have what doctors call – “viral diarrhea”. But, I describe it more unscientifically as going to the bathroom hundreds of time….er, have to rush.

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