March 29, 2007

One thing I noticed about writing this notebook is that I never find errors only when I type it in. But, I never change it then because this writing is a spontaneous outpouring of ideas (I mean thoughts).

So, I keep that as close to me as possible.

Spent today morning to collect my prize. It was 2 CDs given to me by someone with a wonderful simle. The 2 CDs – one Norah Jones’ latest album ‘Not too Late’ and another a collection of lounge songs inspired by India.

I then went on down to the State Central Library (earlier called the Asiatic Library).

Spent the afternoon and evening by myself. I am now putting everything in order. This is something I like to do sometimes. Some cleaning up.

Listening to the CDs on the discman.

I want to write something, I do not know what to write. I want to do something, but I do not know what to do.

Some clarifications can be read by reading Doc Searls’ weblog on the Kathy Siera event. Just hope that there’s someone like this anywhere where such a mess happens.


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