March 30, 2007

Spend today listening to lounge music.

I have to remind myself that a lot of maintainence work needs to be done in this weblog. I prefer the fuller version.

Talks of Web 3.0 abound. Guess we have to talk of many things in that language. The old description of “The beginning of a new era” was so much better. Atleast, people don’t say life 2.0. If they did, I don’t know which version number I would be.

I was wondering. Is the world really such a complex place? Or is it the Governments making it that way?

Some word on Enigma, because I’m listening to it now, from the CD literature:

Enigma is the brainchild of Michael Cretu, a Romania born electronics and studio wizard who blended various global sounds to catchy samples and incredible sound design. While Cretu composed and produced the music, his wife Sandra chipped in with haunting vocal passages. The music cuts across all barriers and appeals to all generations.

Learn more about Enigma from Wikipedia

I wonder what will happen to this weblog once they become passe or when..What happens to all these words logged in notebooks with several of the people’s thoughts have been typed in. And yet, there are many things that are not online. We will become mature about the Internet only when we set it’s limitations – in terms of time, affect on offline life etc.

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