And so, I enter another adventure. I have decided to help  Kirk with the SEDS IHY/IPY blog humourously (according to me) called Frozen Sun. I have just sent out a mail to the SEDS-Earth and SG Talk list with respect to this. So, thought I should post a snippet of it here too:

hi all,

We have started a blog called Frozen Sun to celebrate the International
Heliophysical and Polar Years. You can find the blog here -

We'd like people working in fields related to these fields to share
they're work with students like me so that we know more about what you do.
We don't want exact technical details of your project. We'd like to know
how you spend your time there, how's the pay and maybe a sketch of what
you're doing there technically. You're free to write in proportions of
what you do in the way you like.

You can do this using plain old text, images or even videos.

Oh! and just so that you know what you're getting into, you won't be let
off the hook after you post. Students will read your post, ask you
questions and we would be greatful if you could answer them.

expecting a good response,

Help in anyway is appreciated.


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