Unniyarcha – Why the post on Unniyarcha?

I posted a snippet on Unniyarcha yesterday. That’s because Asianet ( the first malayalam private cable channel – am i right? ) is beaming a programme related to her. She’s been made famous before in a movie staring Mammooty called Oru Vadakan Veeragatha (A Northern Story of Bravery) but there the focus was lateral not direct.

Mammooty plays the role of Chandu who is blamed for the death of Unniyarcha’s husband. The plot runs deeper because Unniyarcha was destined to be married to Chandu but was married to the man who Chandu allegedly killed.

Unniyarcha prepares her children to kill Chandu. He beats them in a straight fight. However they refuse to give up until they or Chandu die. At this point, Chandu commits suicide with the last words that Unniyarcha’s children should never loose. The story is actually more romantic action.

All of this is supposedly the next set of tales after the story of Unniyarcha herself.

If I got the story wrong, feel free to correct it! If you have an online snippet of the story feel free to post it!

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