Water and Wind

It’s been raining heavily here for the past two days. The roads are a wreck with branches, overflowing drains et. all. Still people are on their way to work.

We only have Sunday’s off and on that day the rains got pretty heavy. It’s not as if you can’t go out because of the rains. You can’t go off because the winds might break the heavy water laden branches just hanging on their edges.

Want to make a bag? Try this. (I know it’s totally unrelated)

And some more, I went upto Dadar today morning in the bus and Bombay looks great and lush green for a change. No stink, now overflowing drains. BMC has also managed to clear the King’s Circle stretch which gets flooded quickly and cuts off the suburbs from the city. Hopefully, we’ve learnt a few lessons that 26/7 thought us. Cross fingers.

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