The Move to MySpace

I had an older account on MySpace which was linked to my extinct Hotmail account. Gmail is just eons ahead of Hotmail and it didn’t make sense to keep the Hotmail account just for the sake of an old MySpace account, that I didn’t even use.

I accessed my old MySpace account just to see what has changed after watching this tour of MySpace taken by Robert Scoble and was surprised to see that they had a beta Indian version for all its Indian users ergo still based in US and subject to their own laws and conditions.

Thankfully, you can now delete the Hotmail account. Earlier, I believe it was to expire after a 45 day no-use gap, which didn’t make sense. Kudos to Microsft and the Hotmail team for that feature.

I delted my old MySpace account and then deleted the linked Hotmail account. Opened a new Gmail based account on MySpace and signalled the end of my shift from Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail to Gmail.

After my first few days digging around MySpace, I feel its a lot better than both Orkut and Facebook. There’s this sense of migration from one SNS to another but over the next year or so, I think I’ll put more of my heart into MySpace and Facebook than on anything else.

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