Registering for Wikimania – Waiting for the email

(Written on 16/3/08 – still stands correct)

It may probably be Engineering Student’s Fever (ESF – last minute rush to complete assignments, projects etc after lounging around till then) but I waited till the 15th to get myself registered for Wikimania 2008 at Alexandira, Egypt. No amount of waiting got me that confirmation email which would have enabled me to register SEDSWiki for Wikimania. Maybe we could do it next year with a more developed wiki? Who knows?

For practise runs of the more important conferences, try talking at the local BarCamps, that keep happening in many of the cities around the world. The sidebar on the BarCamp page has a list of the latest happening BarCamps all across the world. If you don’t know what a BarCamp is, you should probably wake up and read this.

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