Walk along Marine Drive

I went to an art gallery on the day before yesterday. It was a showcase of an artiste’s (I forgot her name!) three years of work on the paintings on the development of Bombay from right around the 1780s (around the American Civil War).  This TIFR page has a good history of Bombay. So, catch all the history bit there.

I then went on a walk along the famous (?) Marine Drive. It’s got a promenade and all that now. I don’t remember how it was earlier. I walked around with markings that said 100 m, 200 m…500 m. Eerie. I looked straight ahead from there on. After sometime, temptation kicked in. 1100 m. Sick!

I saw all these penthouses and I really wondered at all the Mercedes prowling on the streets. This is a whole different part of town. It was a surreal experience. And, my short term memory being that bad. I have forgotten most of the things. I have scribbled them down on a piece of paper. I’ll recollect, recoup and put a more detailed post tomorrow.

I walked all the way to Chowpatty beach. I then got lost in some of the myriad bylanes of Mumbai which took me to Gandhi’s Mani BhavanLamington Road and finally to Grant Road after which I took a bus to Sion on the way back home.

I am thoroughly enjoying my vaccations. I’ll add maps later on. Currently, prowling for a new passport application. Also, today I went to visit the Planetarium with my 11 year old brother. More on all of that in a later post.

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