High School Reunion

After about 6 years out of high school, we had our first high school reunion yesterday. I was waiting in anticipation of this event and like in so many previous events, I was totally mum when I actually went there. I think it’s been proved enough times to give a name to it like “Pradeep’s Syndrome” and then actually put it all in a notebook and maybe even apply to patent that name. I’m famous, at last! Every human being’s secret dream!

Pradeep’s Syndrome can be characterised by extreme preparation for a particular event and then staying so silent at the event that everyone thinks that I lost my capacity to speak.

Some of the reunion photos are up on Facebook. Me being not so rich enough to afford even a camera phone am happy seeing these second hand records of history. Well, if any of my school mates are reading this: It was nice to have met you and hope we can be silent together when we meet again. Enjoy and all the best.

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