The Autorickshaw Trouble

There is an acute problem of autorickshaw shortage in the place where I stay. To try and understand why an autorickshaw does not ply to my colony, I did try talking to them but they have mostly been offensive or silence, about discussing the logic behind their plying. These are trade secrets, I guess.

Being a mode of public transport, they are expected to ply to any place that a passenger wants to go. This is not happening and the number of times this is not happening is increasing to alarming rates. As a result, although the place is swarming with autorickshaws, you have people standing on the edge of the road trying to hail one.

There were some media reports about how to send it to RTO and they will act on it, but I am darned if I can note the number of the autorickshaw in the middle of commotion of catching one. The worst affected are senior citizens and women with children, who are present in their swarming many in my colony.

There is no autorickshaw plying from my place to Chembur (W). This is because, as per their explanation, they can’t get back to Chembur (E) because of the high congestion on the bridge on the East bound traffic.
They aren’t even too rosy about plying to my area. The reason generally stated is that it is difficult to get a return fare.

I have been trying to rack my brain about how this problem could be solved and decided that more brains can work on this problem, more easily can they solve it.

One of the solutions is avoiding rickshaws altogether. Car pool, walk and cycle. But, that requires a community effort and kicking the rickshaw riding habit is pretty hard. In the meanwhile, I’m planning my walk to station. It’s good exercise and fun, if you have friends around you.

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