The Telescopes on the Tour

Wishing one and all a Happy New Year. In the coming year, 2009, I’ll be going on a tour of some of the observatories in India. The trip can, perhaps be best described as a pilgrimage to the Holy places of astronomy in the country, with a connection to the heavens! I like how that snugly fits the description. So, without much ado, here is the list of observatories I plan on visiting, subject to their approval:

1. Indian Astronomical Observatory, Hanle
2. ARIES, Nainital
3. DU Observatory
4. Mt. Abu Observatory
5. Girawali Observatory
6. GMRT, Narayangaon
7. Osmania Univ Observatory, Hyderabad
8. CREST, Bangalore
9. Ooty Observatory
10.Vainu Bappu Observatory, Kavalur
11. Kodaikanal Observatory

In addition to going there physically and adding pictures and videos, I would also like to take the oppertunity to adding information related to all these observatories on various online sources – Wikimapia and Wikipedia. The entries on Wikipedia especially are deplorable. Updates on this blog will also include these efforts.

In addition, throughout the year, it would be lovely to interact with the many amateur astronomy clubs that dot India. From January 4 – 15 I will be travelling through Hyderabad, Vellore, Trichy and Thiruvanathapuram. If you happen to have an astronomy club on this route please inform me and I’ll try to make it to your place during my journeys. These might be a good way to spend the nights!

Hopefully, by the end of 2009, I would have covered a fair cross section of the astronomy community in India.

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