Interesting ways of recording our Experience Online

I have been seeking ways of recording my experiences online since
2006. This was the year when I thought I had to record stuff and
things I did in my life. I  had started recording on an offline diary
and notebook since 2000. I had also burned them in 2007 out of

After burning it, I felt better temporarily but realised what huge
implication this had only on September 26, 2010 after I also disposed
off stuff in the after 2007 era. My blog is the only document left of
this era of mine other than stuff on social network sites and twitter.

It was here that I found the means provided by social network sites,
blogs, twitter and photo-sharing sites inadequate.

Also in 2007, I stumbled across This is one of the
strangest websites I have seen that the author classifies as ‘weblog’.

My friend, Kirk Kittell as well began the organisation bogey putting
stuff in MediaWiki, Gallery, WordPress, Drupal and populated his stuff
on multiple sharing websites as a safety.

My legacy way of handling this would be longform writing. My slightly
advanced way was writing about it on my blog. In between, I used
Twitter, Tumblr and Notepad as various ways of recording stuff. None
really satisfied me.

I like blogging but more as a way to provide a complete picture and
not as a way of describing an evolving thinking process. I like to see
the blog as a post-event condensed report rather than a note taking
and structured thinking method.

These are my unpolished thoughts.

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