Chai and Why?: Genetricks

Today was the first time that I went to Ruparel College for a session of Chai and Why?, TIFR’s public outreach programme (fascinatingly, they have a Facebook page but nothing on their own website!). This one was titled, “GENETrICkS” and was given by Sonal on developmental genetics.

After a description of basic genetics and the wonderful play of the genes that gives rise to the field of developmental genetics Sonal went into the fascinating “fluorescent revolution in biology”. What this did was make her study of genes much easier. She also described the brainbow mouse which is definitely worth searching and reading through.

The TIFR team also announced the up and coming Chai and Whys. The next one is titled “Mathematics and Origami”. This is on May 1 which has this phrase inserted –

and in practical applications such as unfolding space telescopes and solar sails

which makes me really itch and want to go! 

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