Two Interesting Videos from India

I am sure you have heard of the brilliant TED and TEDx conferences. The talks provided here are a wonderful stream of information that I usually share with friends on my facebook and twitter channels. I listen to these talks during my early morning walks. Today morning, I had the opportunity to hear two wonderful talks.

The first one is by Dr. Vishwajeet Kumar

TEDxChange – Vishwajeet Kumar

This one handles the question of child care after birth and how innovative solutions were suggested by the community in rural Uttar Pradesh. The main thrust is the special scenario in India which makes it vital to involve the community in changing medical practices and how small changes can make a big difference.

The second video is by Manoj Kumar:

TEDxChange – Manoj Kumar

This video concerns a new form of data collection that collects data by talking to mothers and learning of various connections between practices and social concerns.

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