A post that says many things that I want to say but for which a singular title does not work

The last time I wrote any thing on this blog was on February 5, 2012. The rest of that month and the days since have been tumultuous to say the very least. Many of my beliefs and faiths in various things and various people have been shattered. I went through a period, briefly of depression. I cannot claim that I am completely out of it, yet. Hence, the silence on this blog.

I have been updating my tumblr in the mean time, once in a while. I purchased a new phone that I hoped will distract me and then realised that what I needed was not distraction but confrontation. The phone did help me calm down as I began to learn and appreciate a new instrument. I had named my last phone Robbie, from a tradition of naming some of the things I use a lot since my childhood days. I have named my current phone, Athira, the Indian name for the star Betelgeuse,my birth star, per Indian calendar system.

I have started writing somewhat lengthy stuff on my tumblr which I guess means that I can take a shot at writing something here as well.

I quit Wikipedia. I won’t be going back to that place, again.

I trust fewer people now. I cannot live like this for long. I have started doing a few things to fill up the time generally.  I have started reading again. You can follow my reading on goodreads. I have also start putting pics up on instagram, though they get shared through tumblr.

I have started taking swimming lessons. I had almost started doing OpenStreetMaps but left that for now. I started preparing for banking exam. Not reading much of that, now. I am spending most of my time just sleeping. I’ve started tracking my expenses now, now that they have spiralled out of control. I am not in debt yet. The depression made me eat – a LOT. That made me gain weight again. That meant more expenses, again.

I wanted to say all of the above because it was just lying around there, like orphans, without being tethered to anything really. I started or promised to do a bunch of things since my first year of engineering. I really wanted to do them but I came in my own way. I am drawing up a list of stuff I want to do or said I would do and plan to implement them. One of the first things I had said I’d do was to learn swimming and do astronomy. I have started taking baby steps in both these fields already. I will write about both of them in separate posts on this blog perhaps in the new year, as per the Malayalam calendar.

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