ISRO’s Enhanced Social Media Presence

I would cordially like to welcome ISRO to the world of social media. It now has an official presence on Facebook and Twitter.

They’ve already had their first official Facebook page on the Mars mission since October, 2013. The page has already got more than 3 lakh followers. They’ve also done a very good job of providing real time updates and engaging with an Indian audience. This, in itself, is worthy of praise. They’ve now taken the step of extending that to the official ISRO level.

It does come in the background of some steps they’ve taken that I wish they would not have taken.

They have opened on the official pages with notes on the progress of the GSLV D5. They now have an official launch time – January 5, 2014 at 1618 hrs (IST) and some stunning pictures of the GSLV at the Vehicle Assembly Building at Sriharikota.

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