My Experience at BarCamp Mumbai 13

It’s been a long time since I enjoyed a barcamp so much and hence a write up. The event started at 9 AM and was located in Vile Parle. I’ve been to the same venue only once before and hence finding the location
was a problem. A messup with a friend meant that I was left to fend for myself and depend on public transport. Sunday meant I did not want to depend on the train service because of a possible mega block anywhere along the line.

I dropped in at 11 AM in the morning just in time for a talk by @anool on Maker’s Asylum. The talk was probably a good introduction to the arena of open hardware in Mumbai. People knew that there existed 3D printers and the concept but I think it was good that we saw some of the potential of what that could achieve. The guys there now have a small apartment in Bandra that offers some very basic tooling and are interested in growing a Maker community in Mumbai and growing their space. They are most likely to follow a subscription based model.

From there I wandered around into a bitcoin storm that @oddtazz was brewing. I don’t know where he started but the people were interested more in how to get bitcoins and try to understand the concept. Perhaps a little bit of grounding in economics and a little more analogy would have helped the audience understand the talk but the questions showed the curiosity and fear that the Mumbai audience had for the topic of crypto-currencies.

In all my previous barcamps, I have not had any luck with my lunches. I either binge and overeat or under-eat and get headaches. This barcamp was different. I had a sumptuous meal that satiated my hunger but didn’t make me groggy.

After lunch, the first talk was by @henna_khan. It’s been good to finally get to meet her. I heard good things about the morning session and I could identify her instantly as she was busy explaining eclipses animatedly with someone when I walked in for @anool’s session in the morning. Her second talk for the day was on the question of whether aliens existed. Her talk went through the idea of how big our universe was, the basic requirements for life and then recent searches for life and why probably they haven’t detected alien life yet. The audience at the end of the talk voted that they did believe aliens existed.

I spent the time after this talk meeting up with other barcampers I knew and met a few new ones. I discussed with @anool the possibility of doing cansats again. Launching is a challenge in India, since launching amateur rockets isn’t allowed in India. We’re left with satisfying ourselves with a balloon launch. The talks that I slipped through involved euthanasia, CPR and medical evidence’s role in sexual assault and rape. There were announcements for a Blogcamp on March 9, 2014 (I’m happy this has been re-started again) and WordCamp on the weekend of March 15-16. Both, that I am looking forward to.

The other thing about this barcamp is because it re-ignited some old fires – being on the open-manufacturing list, being involved with SEDS and also contemporary situations like banking. It tingled many parts of my brain and I had good food to sustain me!


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