Skein – Media consumption

After a long time, I found myself browsing Binny VA’s website. After that, I went to his Twitter handle.

Rabit holes follow:

Binny VA’s tweet appreciates a shout-out!
Binny VA’s shoutout led me to a lovely Zettelkasten twitter-thread.
MostlyNotWorkin’s Twitter thread led me to another Twitter thread by Roam’s Connor White-Sullivan.
CSW’s tweet thread led me to this Twitter thread by Priya on how social media consumption is linear.

Priya references a blog post by Aaron Z Lewis article on how the way we consume media is changing. I was following Visakan on Twitter. Aaron’s article clarified what Visakan was actually doing. The other examples that Aaron provides in the blog post need more digging from my side. But, it shows new ways in which the impact of Twitter threads was going beyond Twitter.

  1. Venkatesh Rao – Ribbonfarm – blogchain
  2. Ben Hunt – Epsilon Theory – Discovery Map
  3. – non-linear threading product.

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