Weekly Notes 07/2023


I am part of a Long-form Writing Cohort-3 (LfW-C3). We are a group of people interested and encouraging each other to write long form. The group organises something called RozWrite (daily writing) at 10 pm each night. We keep the video on and the audio on mute and write together.

I wrote about the Star Party that I attended with my daughter on Monday. I wrote about the cycle I bought on Tuesday. I wrote my newsletter on Wednesday and a little on Thursday outside of RozWrite hour. I missed attending the RozWrites on Thursday and Friday.


My wife and I got back to watching Malayalam films on OTT this week. We watched:

  • Aanandam Paranandam (Malayalam)
  • Shefeekkinte Santhosham (Malayalam)
  • Ennalum Ente Aliya (Malayalam)
  • Mallikapuram (Malayalam)

I’ve updated the OTT list.


I drove two stretches of cycling on Sunday (when I purchased the bicycle) and then again on Wednesday. I drove 11.7 km on Sunday and 10.2 km on Wednesday. I only plan to drive Pachu two days a week to begin with.


Re-discovered the song again on YouTube, especially the melody at the 2:44 min mark.

Raj Shamani has an interesting podcast with Sahil Bloom on how he got to meet Apple CEO Tim Cook and some very interesting relationship advice.

I enjoyed watching the trailer of the Malayalam movie, Romancham.


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