Weekly Notes 11/2023


Focus continued to stay on work related writing this week. I hope to complete and deliver many of these in the next week.

I managed to write one blog post:

I managed to also send out one edition of Pradeep’s Space Newsletter:

I wrote one post on my Tumblr, Working Column:

This week’s writing was not of the quality that I would have preferred but means that I shipped content.


I watched:

  • Rekha (Malayalam)
  • Ela Veezha Poonchira (Malayalam)
  • The Rocket Boys – Season 2 (Hindi) (in progress)


I am reading/listening to:

  • J Krishnamurti – A Life of Compassion beyond Boundaries – Roshen Dalal [Audible]
  • So Good They Can’t Ignore You – Cal Newport [Kindle]
  • Building Your Second Brain – Tiago Forte [Physical Paperback]

Badminton and Cycling

Another week of no cycling.

Played badminton on all days save one.


A wonderful refresher on bullet journalling. Also, loved the one page download of the video.
Fun take on working out. I might learn more when these discussions happen with fun rather than dry talk on working out?
Dhyan Sreenivasan talking about writer, director and actor Sreenivasan. Interview is in Malayalam.


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