Weekly Notes 15/2023


Writing at work was good.

I wrote a blog post on the tree walk I went with my daughter.

I wrote the 50th edition of my space newsletter, since July 2019.


I read/listened to:

  • So Good They Can’t Ignore You – Cal Newport (now reading)
  • The Great Derangement – Amitav Ghosh (now listening)

Badminton and Cycling

I did not cycle nor play badminton because of a muscle spasm in the back.


I watched:

  • Khalipurse of Billionaires (Malayalam)
  • Romancham (Malayalam)
  • Purusha Pretham (Malayalam)
  • Maheshinte Maruthi (Malayalam)


Soviet Rocket Engines

Scott Manley – Why 21st Century American Rockets Still Use 1980s Soviet Engines
About the Soviet engines sold to the US based Aerodyne in 1995

Tanmay’s interview with Sahil Bloom (creator)

P Sainath

Interview by Kunal Kamra
Nero’s Guest on Sainath’s coverage of the farmer suicides in Maharashtra

What does a Quantum Computer look like?

How to think about quantum computers and what they’re good at?


Jeremy Keith does a good job of explaining IndieWeb terms like WebMentions, authentication, and POSSE etc.

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