Weekly Notes 18/2023


I wrote one blog post. No newsletter edition.


I am currently reading/listening to:

  • Pacific Edge – Kim Stanley Robinson
  • So Good They Can’t Ignore You – Cal Newport


I watched the following on OTT:

  • The Diplomat (English)
  • Patthu Thala (Tamil)
  • How to Get Rich (English)


These had nice back stories about Roja, etc. Also, showed another side of Rahman
A nice introduction to Microsoft Bing Chat. I need to watch it again after I use it.
This is the weekly notes in video format. This is an interesting watch.
Ryan Holiday shares how he wrote Discipline is Destiny.
Part of the deep dive into the Ribbonfarm Extended Universe
This video started my deep dive into the Ribbonfarm Extended Universe
A very good section that deep dives into when you should give your child smartphones. Suggested age: 16.
19 million views for people cleaning (pressure cleaning) people’s back and front yards. Almost went into a rabbit hole of watching these videos.
This video was the entry point to the Attic Archives weekly vlogs above. Keep wondering why the Hobonichi costs more than INR 3,000 on Amazon.
Almost took me back to my ancient love for archaeology.

I watched a lot of YouTube this week. I am not able to watch so many videos.

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