March 25, 2007

It’s 1 AM in the morning on March 26, 2007.

My morning started with a much needed hair cut and shave. I was beginning to look like a savage, which was fun upto a point. Cycled both ways and enjoyed it.

Finished ‘The Google Story’ yesterday. The second part is about more recent events (circa 2005) in Google.

Read an article by Sunil Mukhi on the lighter side of Physics. That is a difficult job.

Finally loaded the “Meet the Team” page on the SEDSAT 2 blog. Have sent an email asking people to submit their personal bios written in third persons. Will add them as they come in.

Have to begin work on the structure sub-system. Parshati and Giuditta are the two people on my team. Will ask them to go through a design book – mechanical design of course. Getting things done will be much simpler with a smaller team.

I have been thinking about whether I should load my notes with more stuff that I read evveryday. But I decided against it.

As time ticks, I am coming closer and closer to examinations.

I would want more stuff like Burning Man, Glastonbury Festival etc. happening in India. I also wish that we had Universities rather than colleges. And I go on wishing. I observed more examples of how we take more negatives than positives from the ‘West’.

My web design/Indian satellites project will also come up soon. Will link to it. Google is the company that made links hot and Technorati did it for blogs. I wonder what will be the next big thing.

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