March 27, 2007

Yesterday’s note was short. No particular reason for that.

If you have really read the notes till date there is hardly any mention of my academics. I just skipped it, I guess. Well, there’s nothing fascinating about it other than the fact that it’s the most time consuming thing. All for that degree which really does not ensure secure knowledge, only a secure job.

Odd thought: The world was wired and then it became weird.

My brother’s exams start tommorrow. Best of luck!

Kathy Siera (of Creating Passionate Users), whose blog I was introduced to by Scoble, has been getting death threats. Just shows how we’re still savages inside, doesn’t it? The blogosphere has been abuzz with the story.

The above is something, I guess that the Indian bloggers might face. If you wanna kill me, go ahead.

Rahul and others have gone to Kerala for an Industrial Visit.

Things are finally moving ahead vis-a-vis SEDSAT 2. Our first meeting will be at 8 pm local time. I really doubt myself as a team leader but I have the best team and support that I could’ve asked for. Though, things were beginning to get crazy in between. In such times, I just do things that you can’t live without – bathing, eating etc…- and things, generally go back to normal, as it did today.

I put together my webpage today at Quite a mouthful isn’t it?

I am beginning to design and think simple. It helps.

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