March 28, 2007

My brother’s first exam is done. My cousin’s last exam in SSC is tomorrow.

Well, now back to me.

The day started off with me calling JLT to claim my prize for some local contest. Spent the morning on that.

Watched ‘House’ in the afternnon. It’s a story of an eccentric MD who solves medical cases using seemingly crazy methods. Statement from the series: Men have wives, kids and girlfriends just because they don’t have any passions to follow. In that sens, we’re same, you and I.  Not an exact quote.

The brain then began hitting strange ideas – scaffoldings inside satellites and sending a wooden stool into space. Titled and filed under “odd structural thoughts” in the left centre of the brain.

Had my first meeting today. There was no one from Systems I could get hold of. And I found out that someone was a girl. That makes it two girls and a guy in structures. Another general pointer: names ending with an a in Italian are girls.

I finish the day exhausted. Returning home my feet gets down on Earth and get some studies packed away.

Have asked my advisor for some help with some of the crazy iedas that I’m having. This is what ensures that hot metal becomes a sharp, cold sword.

Going to HBCSE and JLT tomorrow and take a peep at Asiatic.

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