Frozen Sun musings 1

This is what I have been trying to think while I am organising this event. So, all posts related to this can come under this category. (Creating categories on Roller is a pain).

Anyways, I have been having a tough time at school with everyone going all serious on me. So, I decided that if I take the same dour attitude towards students whom we are trying to reach out to it won’t help. Just won’t!

Imagine three scientists walking into the room at the same time when you’re supposed to be going out and playing! Except one sex-education talk( hey, I was 15 then!! ), I have never enjoyed any other talk and have come to hate some of the subjects discussed at the time – spirituality, craft etc.

So, I thought instead of asking children to listen to intellectual stuff that go way over their head, let’s ask scientists how they live, what they do in their spare time, what part of the work they enjoy doing and then write a small description of their actual work. Although this is what I think the post should be about, I would have them write from their heart, which might turn out to be difficult for scientists.

So, the IHY/IPY 2007 which I asked Kirk to hand over to me, has got this new dimensional push. Ha! and I have my exams on 24 and 26th so that makes it even worse for me to handle this!

Now, my only problem is whom to contact in NASA/ESA. The trouble is that all of them are so open you don’t know whom to approach. In India, since the website has only one name, the decision is easier. Which reminds me I have written to the person in charge of IHY 2007 asking for help and also some help from IIAp ( Indian Institute of Astrophysics). I have yet to ask some one from ISRO about their plans. Well, let’s see what happens.

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