The Internet & Me

Everytime around exam time I face this block as to what to do with the internet. That block is partly the reason for absence of any posting in the past few days.

I tried to check whether I am addicted to the Internet. I could stay away from it for one day. I will check for two days over this weekend. This will prove that I can stay away from the Internet when I want to and hence the fact that I am not addicted to it.

It is also a fact though that not getting any information outside the prescribed syllabi is something I hate. I also hate the kind of articles that I see on television or read in the newspapers. These facts come together to kind of get me online.

I have therefore decided to blog when I can but mostly read lots and lots. A sample of what I liked while reading can be seen through my link blog. You can also click there by seeing the sample of posts on the sidebar under the title “My link blog”.

I am also limiting the work on my space weblog to the Frozen Sun blog and to selecting the payload for the SEDSAT 2 mission. Over the next few days I plan to integrate the section on futuristic Indian Mythology to the Images section, where I plan to add a few more images.I will keep you updated. No major changes for now. You can also see my new tagline. I have never had a tagline till date on any of my blogs. Things change, I guess.

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