The PRADX Project

Many of you may have wondered how this ‘Pradx’ came into existence. Clearing out some of the junk, I find that an earlier explanation for it turned out to be wrong. The earlier explanation was that it came as a result of my online names – everything had a prad and then changed into something else (-eep, 2609 etc.). Therefore the x was more like a variable that could be changed to add some new thing and formed the basis of a good url. This explanation is partly true.

However, this has a deeper root than that. I started coming online only when I was 18 and my first email id was ‘jneeskans’ which pretty much tells you why that explanation doesn’t hold true. It seems that at round about the age of 18 – September, 2004 if you have a thing for precision – I started a small self-improvement project that I labelled the Pradx Project. It was a set of experiments that I could do with myself. The Pradx Project envisaged me engaging online, reading tons of books on philosophy, engaging in sports and a series of what I would now call DIY projects. For the age at which I started this project, it was pretty neat and well thought out. It included elaborate timelines, list of people who could help me with stuff, saving patterns to help me raise funds for the DIY projects, a lot of notes about books I could refer to on Philosophy and even setting out an exercise plan for me to follow until I could grow down from my 85 kgs to the prescribed 76 kgs. In short, it was well thought out. It was secretive and even had the following inscription on the first page –

The Pradx Project
Top Secret. Do not go to the next page unless you know I’m dead.

The reason why I’m telling you this is because I’m going to destroy all of that stuff and I thought an overall entry about it here would be fitting before I put it to rest. It’s a pretty comprehensive document with quite elaborate writings on where I wanted to be and where I was. It pretty much took up a long book of about 200 pages. The darn thing even had footnotes and margin notes. It seems to be revised twice (it’s a practise that I saw in online open source projects that I loved). As of now, I know that it was too ambitious to have been attempted at that time. Heck, its even ambitious now.

The reason why that project fizzled out was because of lack of money and a stupid understanding of where I was. I spent most of the money on the Net and some of it buying books on Philosophy (The Tao of Physics, Commentaries on Living, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintainence, The Space Within the Heart).

But, I like the idea of a Project for self-improvement. It kinda rocks. So, I’m going to restart it 3 years since it was buried in the archives.

Today is Day 0. The chief idea is cleaning up the stuff that I don’t want now. It’s an idea that’s based on the GTD techniques. But, after that I leave that road and travel on something totally different and perhaps even radical. A weekly post on the Pradx Project can be expected from now on. I am not going to buy a notebook for it this time. Else all I will do is write about the project and not actually do it. The stress is on doing and not writing about doing.

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