NEO Study Center Needed

After the discovery of the Shiva Crater (on Wikipedia), I also found what seems to be a crater in Rajasthan called the Ramgarh Crater. All of these sites are really in a rough 500 km diameter around Mumbai. That’s like drawing a target with the centre of the bull’s eye on Mumbai. And Space seems to be playing that game and is coming really close to the city. Earlier, since humans did not exist at all, it was not really a matter of concern. But now, it might be.

It is with this idea that I propose to start a NEO (Near Earth Object) Study Centre in Mumbai. This is an amateur effort which means – it’s voluntary but atleast I think it is worth the effort. Studies here will have an impact off closing links with study in the United States and Europe and probably coming up with a better complete picture.

Think about the impact of a meteorite/comet today. How prepared are we for it? What kind of disaster management efforts can be made in case of an impact? What would be the effect of an impact in the Arabian Sea on Mumbai and nearby regions? These are some of the things that we plan to study at this centre.

To start things off I’m planning to make a detailed study of these three craters – Lonar, Shiva and Ramgarh. The preliminary ground for these studies will be this blog. We can then probably shift it to a blog of its own once we have enough resources planned for the NEO Study Centre.

If you’re interested in joining in, leave your comment and I shall get back to you. You can be based in Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat or Rajasthan to be a part of this Study Centre.

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