Foursquare Day #4sqday

Foursquare day is called so because in the American calendaring
system, the format used is mm-dd-yyyy. In this scheme of things, this
date reads, 4.16 or four and its square – shortened by the twitter
world to foursquare.

The experience of getting to Candies (a sweets place, I thought!) was
terrible. Getting down at Pad. Mohd Rafi Chowk, every time I asked
directions, I was told the place was only 5 mins away. I asked this 4
times and got the same reply. After the last ‘it’s just 5 mins away’
remark, I had given up hope when I saw the nameplate (?). This wasn’t
the end of things. I then had an equivalent of the ascent of Mount
Everest climbing up stairs. Finally summited to a round of applause!

We discussed important questions like what was foursquare, what  the
people’s twitter handles, what to eat, what a corporate hack did,
kisko mala pehnaya jaye etc. Enjoyed it totally.

I took leave, took a strangers suggestion and got into a bus, got off
at Bandra Stn, stood in the wrong bus stop for 15 mins, got into a
cliff hanger bus, got into an auto at Sion where it had to stop
because of a traffic jam and then returned home.

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