NASA Space Policy conundrum and our Final Destination

For months now, the fast moving US government (in comparison to the
Indian government) has been debating about where NASA should take the
US in the years to come. The expectation comes out of Obama’s
comparison with John F Kennedy, who had given Nasa the mandate of
putting a man on the Moon and returning him back safely.

To think of a decadal or 4 year goal for Nasa is pretty stupid. Also,
thinking in terms of Moon or Mars is VERY narrow and worse of all is
wasting decades in setting a course.

The Japanese example of their rise from World War II ruins and
Columbus’ quest come to mind and in comparison colonising Moon and
Mars look puny.

To colonise the Solar System before this century is out… is more
along the lines of NASA target I’m thinking of. Then set decadal goals
and ensure Nasa reaches them.

This post is applicable to my favourite space agency. (Hint: it’s not
NASA) and I think that my fav agency is imperceptibly headed that way.

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