Mars Orbiter moves out of Earth

The Earth’s gravity has an effect on objects that passes through a giant sphere assumed to be 9.25 lakh kilometer in radius. This is known as the Earth’s Sphere of Influence. This distance is of interest to us tonight because the Mars Orbiter spacecraft will cross this milestone early tomorrow morning (December 4, 2013) at 1:15 AM IST.

It has already become the farthest Indian object in outer space and slated to go further out as it heads to Mars. Out of the Earth’s sphere of influence, the principal gravity acting on the spacecraft will mostly be the Sun. This pushes the orbiter along the heliocentric trajectory towards Mars.

One of the many milestones that MOM crosses en route to Mars. ISRO is certainly doing its best on Facebook to keep the activity alive and kicking on this 10 month long journey to the Red Planet.

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