SpaceX’s Historic Launch Success

SpaceX successfully delivered SES-8 communication satellite into a geostationary orbit today. I did not pay too much attention in the build up to this launch. It was Michael Belfiore’s blog post that woke me up to the significance of this launch.

In Indian terms, there is nothing much to compare with since India does not commercially launch communication satellites into orbit. GSLV cost for the last launch was pegged at ₹180 crores. SpaceX’s current launch cost to the customer is said to be $60 million compared to $260 million which is said to be the current industry standard. This seems to me to be similar to Reliance’s introduction of the ₹1/minute call charges in the nineties that has revolutionised the Indian telecom industry.

With more proven flights of SpaceX, India should perhaps consider switching to SpaceX as a standby launch partner instead of Arianespace.

Congratulations to SpaceX and wish it more success in the future as well!

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