An Exit Door from a Dark Place

Ryan Holiday wrote this for his thirty fifth birthday. In the email version of this blog, he left in the photo of a sign he runs at in Austin, Texas, USA about leaving the place a little better than you found it.

Screenshot of the email which has the photo of the sign that reads: Leave this place a little better than you found it.

I believe that everything that is in the world gets destroyed. Death is the only constant. On a large scale, destruction of the cosmos. On a small scale, the death of the second that went by. In between, there are multiple complications of death that affect us at a very personal level or does not affect us directly.

Hindu myths believe that there is a rebirth that happens, Creation after Destruction. I have no input on this aspect.

How does this help me now? If everything dies, then why live? That line of thinking leaves me in a dark place.

Reading Ryan above is one inkling of what I can do while I think about this. Make this a better place than it was before. If you ask why at this juncture, you are left back at the dark place. So, this is one of those exit doors.

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