Weekly Notes 09/2023


Again, a poor writing week. Two weeks in a row means it is time to buck up.

I was able to write three blog posts for the blog:

I did not publish the weekly space newsletter. I did not attend the RozWrite sessions. The contribution to the work writing was lower as well because of power cuts and fever.


I continued watching OTT. I moved from watching Malayalam and to other languages:

  • The Law According to Lidia Poet (Italian, English voice over)
  • Triptych (Spanish, English voice over)

I especially liked the alternate rock intro music and music interlaced in a period drama in Lidia Poet.


I finished listening to Four Thousand Weeks and wrote a blog post about it.

  • Audible: J. Krishnamurti: A Life of Compassion Beyond Boundaries by Roshen Dalal
  • Kindle: So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport

Cycling and Badminton

I did not get any cycling done.

I played badminton only on two days. I played on Monday and Wednesday. I had a beginnings of fever on Tuesday and actual fever on Thursday and Friday.



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