Weekly Notes 10/2023


The lower volume of work completed in Week 9 meant that more work-related writing got done than anything else. I did not write any blog posts. I did not publish the weekly space newsletter. I did not attend the RozWrite sessions.


I watched:

  • Nanpakal Nerratha Mayakkum (Malayalam, Tamil)
  • Alone (Malayalam)
  • Adrishyam (Malayalam)
  • Thattassery Kuttam (Malayalam)
  • Christopher (Malayalam)

Of the lot, I enjoyed watching Nanpakal… the most. I had to watch the review by Baradwaj Rangan to really appreciate the movie more.


I am reading/listening to:

  • J Krishnamurti – A Life of Compassion beyond Boundaries – Roshen Dalal [Audible]
  • So Good They Can’t Ignore You – Cal Newport [Kindle]
  • Building Your Second Brain – Tiago Forte [Physical Paperback]

Cycling and Badminton

Another week without cycling. I played badminton on all days this week.



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