2022 – Write and Read

I had a lot of plans for 2022. Like everyone else. One thing that 2021 illustrated was not to say yes to too many things. You end up disappointing others and yourself.

This informed me when I was filling up the YearCompass and I chose to select two things to focus on for 2022. Writing and reading.

I write for a living. I write field documentation and manuals for a living. I want to practice writing more type of documents to expand my horizons. I also want to write fiction. I want to contribute by writing documentation for open source software.

But, as I shared above, I want to focus on two things at a time. I want to first improve my skills in writing field documentation and fiction.

The other thing I want to focus on, is reading. Through 2021, I had stopped reading. I could not read anything long. I wanted to get back to reading. I started by listening to the audiobook version of Dune. I followed that up by listening to the audiobook version of the Neuromancer.

Towards the end of 2021, I started reading Indian Philosophy, inspired in part by the work that Ryan Holiday does with Stoicism. So, one branch of my reading will be spent reading/listening to fiction and another reading Indian Philosophy.


  1. Menon Rashmi says:

    Lovely pradeep …. Would be reading your blog more often …. To get inspired …. You write so well


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